Looking towards the future @ Mater ICCI Project

We had a great opportunity to represent intermediate organisation at IccI project.

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The project has developed an innovative European tailored training model for creative entrepreneurs and intermediary organisations on how to internationalise creative businesses. Both direct and indirect beneficiaries including creative entrepreneurs, stakeholders, local and international communities involved/operating within the CCIs sector have already benefited from the tailored training model produced and tested by the partnership not only in terms of knowledge and new skills acquisition but also in terms of innovative resources, tools and opportunities to internationalise their products and services.

As a matter of fact, the training model has successfully supported creative entrepreneurs and CCIs consultants in: – becoming aware, integrating and using crucial entrepreneurial skills, including general management, business planning and internationalisation strategies and tools and general basic knowledge on export and creative global markets – accessing, creating and consolidating national and international CCIs networks and cluster

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